Airem™ Environmental Solution

Combining Efficient VOC Removal with Reliable Energy

Our AiremTM environmental solution combines the efficient removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with the ability to provide clean and reliable energy. This robust industrial gas turbine is fitted with a uniquely designed combustion chamber. The chamber efficiently destroys regulated VOC air emissions (US EPA and state standards) while cogenerating high quality electric power and thermal energy in sustainable combined heat and power applications. 

Airem™ Environmental Solution

Look to AFGlobal with our Airem environmental solution, which incorporates a single-shaft industrial gas turbine that is a proven engine for mechanical, electrical power, and cogeneration applications while operating in extreme environments. Combined with the VOC combustion chamber, our Airem technology is a reliable and cost effective VOC abatement alternative for major VOC source processes and operations in the industry.


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