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Business Description
Ameriforge Group is a Houston-based forged products sub-systems and systems integration manufacturing corporation, comprised of 10 companies, 21 plants, and multiple brands.

Privately held, Ameriforge is a modern and innovative business that provides high-profile strategic customers with total-value-solutions for their forged component, fabrication, sub-assembly, and fully-integrated systems needs.

Ameriforge businesses and plants provide a wide-range of forging, ring-rolling, heat-treating, machining, fabrication, assembling, welding, coating, and testing capabilities.

Ameriforge leads the industry in product design and engineering, open and closed die forging, and ring rolling for all of your critical application needs, utilizing a wide array of steel and aluminum materials, including:
Carbon and alloy
High temperature and nickel alloys
Tool steels

We offer a wide range of shapes and sizes from custom one piece orders to high volume orders. Ameriforge also offers diverse post-forging capabilities including rough and finish machining, welding, complex fabrication and testing services that meet or exceed industry standards.



Competitive Advantage
A key competitive advantage of Ameriforge lies in the Group’s ability to seamlessly align the diverse capabilities of its various business units against the complex requirements of high-profile strategic customers, providing them with simple and fully-integrated manufacturing and supply chain solutions. This is a unique competency in today’s manufacturing environment; the value of which has now been validated by some of the largest and most demanding companies in the world.

“The Secret Sauce”

A significant strength of Ameriforge that facilitates the successful execution of its strategy is the Advanced Technology Center.

Comprised of a highly collaborative team of some of the worlds’ most knowledgeable and forward thinking process engineers, this talented group has sole access to dedicated, world-class manufacturing equipment. The Advanced Technology Center is central to the highly-innovative manufacturing process solutions that are becoming increasingly commonplace for Ameriforge, and extremely advantageous to Ameriforge strategic customers.


The Advanced Technology Center Leads the Way in Process Improvement and Operational Excellence Culture Change

















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